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Detailed tax lien records.We allow members to keep as little, or as much information about a tax lien as you like. Our system automatically calculates the current accrued interest on a lien, and your profits. You can also record subsequent endorsements on a lien, record costs, and attach documents.

Screenshot showing list of active tax liens.
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Screenshot showing detailed tax lien data.

Listing of all tax lien counties.Your account includes access to our database of tax lien states and counties all across the country. We make it simple for you to organize your investments. Pick the counties that you are interested in and place them in your personalized my county list for quick reference. We also do not have per state charges, so you have freedom to invest as you like.

Screenshot showing master list of states that sell tax liens.
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Screenshot showing counties in a tax lien state.

Enter county information once.You can keep detailed records of the counties you do business with. Keep contacts, website, media, key event dates, and financial calculation methods in a central spot. Best of all, any changes to a county record will be automatically replicated to any associated tax liens.

Screenshot showing list of active tax lien counties.
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Screenshot showing detailed information about a counties process.

Wide variety of reports.Storing information in a system is good. Having a powerful report generator to display the information is best. We offer a wide array of reports created to display your data in a business format. Our reports let you take a snapshot of what your liens are worth at any time in the past, present, or future. To the right are 2 report examples: our "Current holdings" report which displays a snapshot of lien values, and "Liens by county" report that shows the active liens purchased from a county.

Screenshot showing current holdings report for tax liens.
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Screenshot showing counties tax lien distribution.

Video tutorial series.We have prepared a series of instructional videos to help get you started quickly. Our videos demonstrate how to setup counties, enter tax liens, use the report generator, and store documents in the library. With these instructions you will be able to take full advantage of our systems capabilities.

Screenshot showing instructional video on how to use our software.
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