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Key features

Key features for tax lien software.

The power and flexibility you need DJ Lotus strives to include those features that the individual investor needs. We start with security and reliability built into everything we do.

Using an on-line serviceJust using our on-line service to track your tax liens has major advantages instead of keeping it all on your computer. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Protection against disk failure and data loss
  • Convenient access from any network able computer
  • No need to install and maintain software
  • Automatic upgrades as new features are added
  • All network communication done using advanced encryption for security

Detailed county informationWhether you buy your tax liens from a county, parish, borough, or township you can track the key information here. Enter your data once and it directly effects the value of any associated tax liens. Usages include:

  • Master list of counties nation wide
  • Contact information
  • Auction announcement and sale sites
  • Dates of key events such as tax lien and endorsement sales
  • Shows all tax liens associated with a county
  • Upload files distributed by county

Detailed lien informationTracking tax liens is the heart of what we do. As an investor you want to know how much your liens are worth at any time and what your profits are going to be. DJ Lotus does that and goes beyond. Usages include:

  • Complex interest calculations using annual, minimum, and first year bonus rates.
  • Calculates current accrued interest and profits
  • Track and group liens by status
  • Add and track lien endorsement values
  • Describe property characteristics
  • Costs associated with liens
  • Redeemed or foreclosure event dates
  • Upload file attachments
  • Archive redeemed liens

The report generatorEven the simplest of applications can store information. Our report generator is what allows you to go beyond storage and enter analysis. The reports fall into 2 categories: those designed to report financial standings, and those designed to make future projections based upon past events. Reports include:

  • Open holdings - Lien value at any specific time
  • Acquisitions - Liens acquired during a time period
  • Redeemed and closed - Liens closed or redeemed during a time period
  • Lien maturity - Schedule of when liens will mature
  • Value over time - Area chart showing lien value over a time period
  • Liens by county - Pie chart showing the number and value of liens from a county
  • Event schedule - Schedule of next 12 months county events
  • Cash flow - Shows incoming and outgoing funds over a time period

The libraryIn addition to being able to attach files to liens and counties, we give you a library where you can upload any related files you like for easy access. Common usages are business plans and financial reports.

  • Upload documents for convenient access
  • Create folders to organize your documents